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The Presentations

Did you miss the EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub Risk and Resilience Day 2023? Don't worry, you can watch the whole thing again!

You can also download the presentations here (and check out the timings in brackets for the video)

Ian Llewellyn

Keynote 1

Modelling and controlling the risks in future energy systems

Anupama Sen

Keynote 2

The new energy state: The recasting of energy economics and
governance around renewable energy systems

Matthew Deakin


A Robust Mixed-Integer Convex Model for Optimal Scheduling of Integrated Energy Storage – Soft Open Point Devices

Arman Sarjou


Decomposition and Forecasting of Distribution Locational Marginal Prices

Mike Brian Ndawula


A Novel Formulation of LV Distribution Network Equivalents for Reliability Analysis

Ensieh Sharifnia


Multilevel Monte Carlo with Surrogate Models for Resource Adequacy Assessment

Giacomo Bastianel


Reliable design and operation of offshore energy hubs: the Belgian first-of-its-kind energy hub

Graeme Hawker


Mapping the potential contribution of offshore wind-derived hydrogen electrolysis to energy system resilience

Tabia Ahmad


Prediction of Cascading Failures and Simultaneous Learning of Functional Connectivity in Power System

Yitian Dai


Risk Assessment of Cascading Failures in Power Systems with High Renewable Penetration

Callum MacIver


Changing pathways to power system collapse: an updated review of large disturbances & blackout events

Rosa Serrano


Dynamic Risk Assessment of Power Systems Against Wildfires

Hannah Bloomfield


How might compound wind and flood risks impact UK infrastructure?

Lucie Lücke


Effects of compound events of low winds and cold temperature on Britain’s power system

The Posters
Ali Ehsan


Probabilistic Assessment of Heat Electrification Impacts on Gas and Electricity Networks

Carlos Matamala


Provision of energy and frequency containment services in unit commitment

Laiz Souto


Towards Resilient Communities: Strengthening Infrastructure for Critical Service Provision under Severe Weather Conditions

Oscar Damanik


Robust optimal power flow for multi-area AC/DC grids under multi-purpose interconnector setup

Matthew Deakin


Assessing the Impact of Energy Shocks on Consumer Tariff Choice and Distribution Network Planning

What the Risk and Resilience Day is all about

Energy Systems  |  Risk  |  Resilience  |  Uncertainty  |  Reliability  |  Modelling  |  Understanding

The EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub Risk and Resilience Day is continuing the tradition of the previous Durham Risk Day series (2010-2014) and is an annual seminar for researchers involved in all aspects of risk and uncertainty analysis applied to current and future power and energy systems. 

We had great events in Manchester in 2018, Cambridge in 2019, and Glasgow in 2020. Then we took a break for the pandemic. Now we're back! This year we are hosting the event in London!

This one-day event will showcase the best research and industrial applications across the following topics:

Reliability analysis of system assets

Analysing system 

resilience and high impact low probability events

Control and optimisation of uncertain power systems

Planning future energy systems under uncertainty

Modelling and quantifying uncertainty in energy systems

Communicating risk to energy system stakeholders and policy makers

The event (on 8 March 2023) is an in-person-only event and will be a mix of keynote presentations, oral presentations, and posters. We need you and your research to make it a success so make sure you get involved and make the most of this unique opportunity to meet other researchers focused on these crucial topics.

Keynote Speakers
Dr Anupama Sen

Dr Anupama Sen

University of Oxford

Dr Ian Llewellyn

Dr Ian Llewellyn

Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy

The EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub Risk and Resilience Day 2023 will feature two must-see keynote talks:


  • Anupama Sen is Head of Policy Engagement for the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford, and an Official Fellow in Environmental Change at Reuben College, Oxford. Prior to the Smith School she spent over 10 years at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, where she was Senior Research Fellow, Executive Director of the Electricity Research Programme and Deputy Director of the Energy Transition Initiative.  


Anupama will be talking about...

The New Energy State: The economics of risk and the recasting of energy market governance Anupama's presentation will focus on the evolution of risk perceptions in energy sector economics and policy across different geographical contexts, the regulatory and policy instruments to address it, and implications for the role of the state.

  • Ian Llewellyn is Head of the Technical Energy Specialists at the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) where he leads a team of energy engineering professionals that supply independent advice covering the range of engineering technologies that BEIS utilises to achieve its climate change targets. His current research interests are looking at how information and communication technologies can be used to meet the Government’s net zero targets. 


Ian will be talking about...

UK electricity consumers have very high expectations about avoiding any risk of losing supply in the electricity network- for example, overall reliability of supply for the National Electricity Transmission System during 2019-20 was 99.999967%. But adding renewable generation into the supply mix inherently increases these risks as these technologies are affected by the intermittency of wind, solar and tidal resources. In this talk, we will look at work going on at BEIS to model the increased risk of generation not meeting demand in a system with a high penetration of renewables and the effect of technologies such as storage, demand side response and biomass generation on controlling the risk to levels acceptable to the consumer.

Make sure you come along to the EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub Risk and Resilience Day 2023 to hear these amazing keynote speakers.

We Need You

Be a part of the EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub Risk and Resilience Day 2023

The EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub Risk and Resilience Day 2023 will only be a success with your involvement. We need you to come and present your research and discuss your ideas with the rest of us working in this area. 

Submissions are now closed - thanks for all the great summaries that you sent.
We have got a great even lined up - scroll down to check out the programme
You can submit anything to the Risk and Resilience Day 


It can be something you've already published, something you've not published, something you're about to publish, or even just a new idea you're working on. Presenting at the Risk and Resilience Day is about showcasing your research and starting conversations. Presenting will not stop you from publishing your ideas elsewhere - we promise!

To be a part of the Risk and Resilience Day in 2023...

You need to submit a one-page summary (using this template here) that describes what you will be presenting on the day. No extended abstracts or papers are required. You can include any figures or equations you need to clearly and concisely communicate your ideas. Just make sure you clearly cover:

  • The motivation for the research.

  • The unique aspects and novelty that make what you have done interesting.

  • The wider applicability and value of what you have done.

Once you have written your summary - please send it to

We'll decide whether to put you down for an oral or poster presentation based on the mix of submissions we receive but if you have a preference for an oral or poster - let us know in your email. We can't promise you'll get your request as it all depends on space - but we'll do our best to keep everyone happy.


Important dates

19 December 2022

(deadline extended)

One-page Summary Submission Deadline


Make sure you submit your one-page summary by this date to be in with a chance of presenting.

16 January 2023

Acceptance and Full Event Schedule Announced


We will tell you if your presentation will be included and announce the full event schedule. 

23 January 2023

Registration Opens


Spaces are limited to make sure you book your place once registration opens. 

1 March 2023

Registration Closes


Registration will close a few days before the event and you cannot buy your ticket on the day - so make sure you register in advance. 

8 March 2023

Supergen Energy Networks Hub Risk and Resilience Day 2023


The big day!

Presenter Information

The following information is provided as a rough guide to the time and format of the different presentation types. This is not guaranteed at this stage and we might need to change timings depending on the submissions we receive.

If you have an oral presentation:

You will be given 12 minutes to present (with 3 minutes for Q&A afterwards).


We will be very strict on time to keep things running so please do not bring along a 20 minute presentation and just talk quickly – that never works. There are no limits on slides, only on time – which will be strictly enforced.

Please bring your slides along with you on the day, or email them in advance to Your presentation will happen on a Windows PC, so if you have prepared your slides on a Mac, you might want to make them into a pdf to be safe.


Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time in the schedule for you to have longer discussions about the details.


If you have a poster presentation:


Your poster must be A0 and portrait orientation. You need to bring your printed poster with you. We will not print it for you.

We will not be accepting A4 slides on a poster board (we know you’re not that lazy... but just in case). There’s no template – just make it look good.


You will also need to stand and present a 1 minute overview of your poster in the Poster Introduction Speed Round. You'll be doing this without slides. You’ll basically be trying to get the audience interested so they come over to say hello in the following poster sessions.

Get Involved
Event Details

University Building, City, University of London, Northampton Square,
London, EC1V 0HB, UK

Wednesday 8 March 2023

09:00 - 17:30

Registration is now closed, sorry if you missed out on your ticket


Unfortunately nothing this good comes for free and we need to charge a small registration fee (£40) to cover basic costs like event hire and food. It's still an absolute bargain though! 

Places are limited so don't leave it to the last minute, register early to secure your place.

Please note you will not be able to turn up and register on the day! Registration will close a few days before the event to make sure we know the final numbers.

Early Career Researcher Travel Fund


The Supergen Energy Networks Hub has set up a travel fund to support Early Career Researchers based at UK Higher Education Institutions. This fund is can provide up to £500 for travel and related travel expenses, including accommodation and subsistence, with the aim to progress career opportunities and research collaborations.

If this would help, please look at the full details on the travel fund website

Event Programme


The draft programme overview is shown below or you can download the full programme by clicking here (or here for a clear-print format). We will have a mix of oral and poster presentations with plenty of opportunities to discuss work and learn some new ideas.

2023 Programme Summary v2.png


The one-day event will be held in the Northampton Suite at City, University of London.  The University Building is located in central London and is accessible from a wide variety of transportation options. 

You can plan your journey using the tools and information on this website.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about how to find the venue.



This event is being hosted by the City University of London and is supported by the Supergen Energy Networks Hub. Get in touch to find out more about the Supergen Energy Networks Hub and their other events.

If you want to send your thanks and praise, we recommend sending it straight to the people making the day happen.

Dr Dimitra Apostolopoulou

Dr Dimitra Apostolopoulou

City, University of London

Dr Robin Preece

Dr Robin Preece

The University of Manchester

Event Details
EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub

The EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub brings together the vibrant and diverse energy networks community to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions and inter-dependencies of energy networks.  Led by Professor Phil Taylor from the University of Bristol, the Hub integrates a wide range of industrial and academic partners with other energy networks stakeholders. 


The EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub aims to address the challenges of risk, technology, policy, data and markets for energy networks and is a collaboration between a consortium of universities:


  • University of Bristol - Prof Phil Taylor

  • The University of Manchester - Dr Robin Preece, Dr Alessandra Parisio, and Dr Victor Levi

  • Cardiff University – Prof Jianzhong Wu

  • University of Bath – Prof Furong Li

  • University of Leeds – Prof Peter Taylor

  • Newcastle University - Prof Sara Walker

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Energy Networks Hub Risk and Resilience Day

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