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The details will be released later in the year.


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What the Risk and Resilience Day is all about

Energy Systems  |  Risk  |  Resilience  |  Uncertainty  |  Reliability  |  Modelling  |  Understanding

The EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub Risk and Resilience Day is continuing the tradition of the previous Durham Risk Day series (2010-2014) and is an annual seminar for researchers involved in all aspects of risk and uncertainty analysis applied to current and future power and energy systems. 

We had great events in Manchester in 2018, Cambridge in 2019, Glasgow in 2020, London in 2023, and most recently in Newcastle in 2024. The 2025 event will take place in Birmingham!

This one-day event will showcase the best research and industrial applications across the following topics:

Reliability analysis of system assets

Analysing system 

resilience and high impact low probability events

Control and optimisation of uncertain power systems

Planning future energy systems under uncertainty

Modelling and quantifying uncertainty in energy systems

Communicating risk to energy system stakeholders and policy makers

The event is an in-person-only event and will be a mix of keynote presentations, oral presentations, and posters. We need you and your research to make it a success so make sure you get involved and make the most of this unique opportunity to meet other researchers focused on these crucial topics.

EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Impact Hub

The EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Impact Hub brings together the vibrant and diverse energy networks community to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions and inter-dependencies of energy networks.  Led by Professor Phil Taylor from the University of Bristol, the Hub integrates a wide range of industrial and academic partners with other energy networks stakeholders. 


The EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Impact Hub aims to address the challenges of resilience, digitisation, policy and place, markets, and regulation for energy networks and is a collaboration between a consortium of universities:


  • University of Bristol  Prof Phil Taylor, Dr Sridhar Adepu, Dr Caitlin Robinson, Dr Samuel Williamson

  • University of Bath – Prof Furong Li, Dr Chenghong Gu, Dr Andrew Shea, Catherine Adams

  • University of Birmingham – Professor Martin Freer, Dr Adriano Sciacovelli

  • Cardiff University – Prof Jianzhong Wu, Dr Muditha Abeysekera, Sian Allister

  • University of Leeds – Prof Peter Taylor, Dr Sheridan Few

  • The University of Manchester – Dr Robin Preece, Dr Victor Levi, Dr Alessandra Parisio

  • Newcastle University – Dr David Greenwood, Lindsey Allen

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